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Special Promotions from our Naturopathic Physician Aliyyaa Spring-Charles.

Special Promotions from The Natural Gateway Clinic Naturopathic Physician Aliyyaa Spring-Charles

Naturopathic Physician Aliyyaa Spring-Charles ND MRN MCNHC is offering the following special promotions:

  • FREE 15 minute telephone conversation about “Any Health Concerns” Chat. (No obligation).

  • 30-minute Mini-Health-Check - ONLY £30 Pop in to check your blood sugar levels, urine, blood pressure, salivary pH and oxygen saturation levels - indicated for patients with any respiratory issues.

  • Lymphatic Drainage £65 for 60-minute treatment Lymphatic Drainage eliminates excess fluids and toxins that accumulate in the tissues. In turn, promotes blood circulation and strengthens muscles. Beneficial for cancer, lyme disease, ME, detoxification programs and weight loss seeking patients. (Five treatments are highly recommended to see and feel the full benefits). Book and pay up front for five treatments to receive FREE 50g cleansing herbs.

Special Promotions offered by:

Aliyyaa Spring-Charles ND MRN MCNHC

Naturopathic Physician

Specialist in Naturopathic Oncology Symptom Support

Cannabidiol Therapy . Mycotherapy . Nutrition . Herbology

T: 020 8133 2403

M: 07828 872617


Natural Medicine / Well-being / Preventative Healthcare

Vice-President of the General Council of Registered Naturopaths (GCRN)

Member of the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), Member of the Complimentary Health Professionals (CHP)

Missed appointments and less than 48 hours cancellation notice without a valid reason are charged at the full fee.

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