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Daniel Sylvester
DCounsPsych, MNCPS Accredited

I'm Daniel and thank you for visiting my page here. Whether its coaching or counselling you are here for, all my clients including you will be treated with the upmost respect and have the peace of mind that all our sessions are held in the strictest of confidence. You will hear me talk about the 3 C's in our sessions and they are at the heart of my core values in all my relationships and interactions. They are Care, Compassion & Concern. Engagement with the 3'Cs through either coaching or counselling are some of the fundamental building blocks for change.

Counselling can help with: addictions, bereavement, anxiety & panic attacks, depression, relationships, anger & stress and trauma.

Coaching can look like: career change, behaviour change, self awareness, decision making, interpersonal skills, mindfulness and goal setting.


Just being here, looking for a therapist is a huge first step. Being upfront there are no shortcuts to healing, but we walk this path together shoulder to shoulder as you build the inner strength and resources to soothe, grow and depend on yourself. When the work is done we will both know and we will work to a meaningful ending to our working alliance.

For more information please visit my website here: or email:

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