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Zadi Hasan, LicAc MBAcC

Traditional Acupuncturist

I am a Traditional/Classical Acupuncturist with 25 years of clinical experience as a General Practitioner, treating a wide range of conditions. These include Pain Management, Digestive disorders, Headaches and Migraines.


In general practice, I have experience of working with a broad age range and demographics including teenagers. I’ve also worked with several voluntary organisations supporting patients with HIV and Aids and Drug and Alcohol dependency issues.


It was 1998 when I helped my first patient with acupuncture to successfully conceive. I supported her through her pregnancy and was privileged to be asked to attend and assist during the birth itself. This event changed my practice and life and led me to study and acquire further expertise in Fertility and Pregnancy acupuncture.


Zadi Hasan Acupuncturist Borehamwood

Nowadays I focus more on offering treatment for women and men, individually or as couples particularly assisting in cases of “unexplained infertility”, recurrent miscarriages and support through IVF treatment.


My other areas of expertise include treating Mental/Emotional conditions or related illnesses including Stress management and Insomnia, supporting patients through Chemotherapy as well as Facial/Cosmetic acupuncture.


The treatments I offer focus not only on addressing an individual symptom or condition but will also over time address a patient’s overall health and well being. They are unique and tailored to that person at different points in their life.


The positive feedback I receive confirms these benefits and this has enabled me to develop a practice that includes many patients who still come for treatment many years after their original complaint has been resolved.


Originally trained in Five Element Acupuncture in Leamington Spa I have also studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), taught acupuncture to undergraduate students for 10 years and appeared on television promoting acupuncture. I still after 2 decades feel passionate about offering a local service to the general public and so continue to practice in Barnet, Borehamwood and Potters Bar and offer Home visits locally.


I am a registered Member of The British Acupuncture Council and the Professional Standards Authority.

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To contact me to book an appointment or for an informal chat:

Zadi Hasan LicAc MBAcC

Phone: 07939 247627

Or Email:


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