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In reflexology every organ and gland in the body can be mapped out on the soles of the feet or the palms of the hands. These are known as reflex points and any tenderness will alert a practitioner to areas of weakness which can be treated before they become a serious condition.


The refloxologist applies pressure to the reflexes to correct any imbalances in the body’s ten Zen zones and so restores health to the body restoring the uninhibited flow of energy helps healing in several ways.


Among other things reflexology: stimulates the body’s self-healing mechanism; stimulates the thousands of nerve ending in the feet; reduces tension, which can lead to a number of stresses, related conditions; increases blood flow, helping to clear away accumulated waste products and toxins.

Reflexology by Ronit Gerber at The Natural Gateway Clinic Borehamwood

Some waste products appear in the form of crystals made up of uric acid and calcium. These feel like grains of sugar or sand under the skin and usually accumulate around the joints. By working on them, they can be broken down, carried away in the blood and flushed out of the system.


Reflexology can be helpful in a wide range of conditions including: migraine; back pain; sinus problems; menstrual problems; kidney disorders.


Post natal Treatments:

Many women find post natal treatments invaluable in helping their bodies to accelerate the natural healing processes following a birth – whether natural or Caesarean. On a physical level, reflexology can boost hormone levels to stimulate more, or better quality, breast milk.


It encourages healing on every level: helping to stabilise mood swings, adjust to the body’s new sleeping and eating patterns and energise body and mind. In addition to all those benefits, a relaxed, centred woman is invariably a calmer, more patient mother.

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