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Shelley Bregman
Certified Nutritional Coach

I am a Certified Nutritional Coach, passionate about health, nutrition, and happiness.  I am here to help you identify any issues you may be suffering with, and improve your nutrition through one-to-one consultations, uniquely designed for the individual. I am dedicated to structuring tailored nutritional plans to help people cope with the demands and stresses of everyday life. 

My principal objective is to support and guide you through the benefits of a well-balanced and nutritional diet and lifestyle.  This will help to strengthen your immune system, and in turn lead to a healthy lifestyle.

My approach is based on understanding all aspects of a person’s life and treating the root cause, not just the symptoms.  The approach will be collaborative, and the start of a new journey towards health and happiness.

Currently, I am furthering my knowledge and experience at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. This qualification will enhance my knowledge, ensuring that I continue to provide the highest level of skills and service to my clients. 

Shelley Bregman Nutritional Therapist Borehamwood Hertfordshire

Nutrional therapy can help to improve the following health conditions:

  • Acute conditions, such as colds and flus

  • Obesity and Weight problems

  • Digestive problems including Irritable bowel syndrome, Irritable bowel disease 

  • Diabetes

  • Eczema/Acne 

  • Sleep problems

  • Fatigue

  • Anxiety & depression 

  • Heart 



  • 75 minutes Initial Consultation - £75.00

  • 30 minutes follow up consultation - £50.00

  • 8-week weight loss plan - £275.00

  • 12-week weight loss plan - £350.00

  • 4-week detox and weight loss plan - £55.00


Mobile No: 07767 845600
Email –
Website – 
Instagram – shelley_bregman_nutrition
Facebook – Shelley Bregman Nutrition 


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