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Are you lacking in energy, focus and clarity? Does your immune system needs a boost?

IV Drip Therapy is an effective way to deliver nutrients, vitamins, and medications to the body, as this technique bypasses the digestive system. Our wellbeing and beauty infusions listed below are perfect to help you obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How do we administer your infusion?
Supplements are administered directly into your bloodstream, making nutrients available for immediate use. This method accelerates the effectiveness of treatment, unlike supplements given via the digestive system which significantly reduces the amount of vitamins, nutrients that enters the bloodstream. With oral supplements you may only be getting 10%-15% of the vitamins in your system, whereas with IV drips you will be getting 90%-100% absorption of vitamins.

IV Vitamin Infusion

Are IV Infusions Harmful?
Water soluble vitamins (eg. Vitamin C) are the best to have in infusions, where-as fat soluble vitamins can be harmful if taken in excess, therefore it is recommended that you get your fat soluble vitamins from a high good fat diet.

We insist on the best quality ingredients
Our infusions are not ready made bags where the vitamins have already been active for a while, as seen in many IV Clinics. Most clinics/beauty salons tend to give their clients ready-made infusion bags. As a practitioner led naturopathic clinic, we prepare the infusion and mix all the vitamins just before administering, this is always done in front of the client and is simply the best way when it comes to intravenous vitamin infusions.

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