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Ayurveda is an ancient healing system originating in India 5000 years ago and is often seen as the sister subject to Yoga. At its core is a philosophy of holistic unity between the individual and nature. Instead of trying to force human beings and medicinal drugs into one mathematical system, Ayurveda addresses the whole person and seeks to treat disease by identifying the underlying causes of illness.


Our bodies are governed by three doshas or energies:



Vata (space and air) controls basic body functions like breathing, circulation and the nervous system. Out of balance it can lead to arthriris, anxiety, insomnia, heart disease. In balance it results in creative harmony in body and mind.


Pitta (fire and water) controls metabolism and hormones. Out of balance it can cause anger, high blood pressure and ulcers. In balance it leads to good digestion, intelligence and a feeling of contentment.

Ayurveda Therapy at The Natural Gateway Clinic in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire

Kapha (earth and water) controls strength, growth and immunity. Out of balance it can cause cancer, diabetes, obesity and insecurity. In balance, good immunity effectively fights off disease and leads to feelings of love.


Disease occurs when there is imbalance in the doshas which blocks the flow of prana (life force).


Ayurvedic treatment aims to bring balance to the doshas, release blockages and restore the flow of prana, leading to vibrant health. A typical consultation involves questions about diet and lifestyle, tongue diagnosis and pulse reading; an art so refined and sensitive it taps on the psychic and intuitive qualities of the physician as well. Pulse reading can accurately assess the patient’s physical, mental and emotional state.


With Ayurvedic medicine, therapies and practises you know you are being looked after as a unique and valuable instrument of nature, and not just another patient in a line waiting for the same box of pills as the man in front.

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