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Facial Massage & Facial Yoga Therapy

DID YOU KNOW? There are 57 muscles in our face and neck!


It is a known fact that our bodies need regular exercise to stay toned and fit. Likewise, so does our face.


As we age our facial muscles can stretch and sag and our skin starts losing collagen and elasticity SO Jags to started to explore different ways to counteract this and discovered the benefits of Facial Massage, Facial Exercises and Acupressure.



We can provide personalised facial fitness plans for all our clients targeting problem areas such as


  • Weakening of muscles

  • Poor lymph flow

  • Poor circulation

  • Breakdown of connective tissue

  • Losing collagen and elastin

  • Excess toxins

  • Poor nutrition

  • Poor skin care

  • Lack of exercise and sleep

  • Bespoke programmes according to a clients’ own needs

To keep our youthful looks longer we need to exercise these muscles and this is where facial yoga will help you as a first step to complete facial fitness.


To register for a class or to find out more information please email us at

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