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Aromatherapy is used as a way of relieving stress, healing and balancing the body’s energies. Fragrant oils that have healing properties are massaged into the skin.


Essential oils form an important part of the treatment and have many properties, i.e. pain relief, stimulating, relaxing and vitalising. The oils are chosen to suit the individual’s state of mind and body.


The benefits of aromatherapy start from the moment the aroma is inhaled. The oils are then absorbed by the skin and enter the bloodstream and lymphatic systems. The therapist will use relaxation techniques when needed and will advise on how to use aromatherapy to help treat yourself at home.


Each treatment is highly individual. Before any treatment is given a series of questions will be asked about diet, energy levels, medical history, etc. This caring, nurturing treatment serves to increase the desire to change by stimulating and revitalising the body’s own healing energy.

Aromatherapy at The Natural Gateway Clinic Borehamwood
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