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Counselling & Psychotherapy

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Diana Samuels

Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist

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Sarabeth Morrison


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Who is Counselling and Psychotherapy for?  

Counselling and Psychotherapy is for anyone who feels there is something troubling or distressing them. It helps deal with a wide variety of issues and difficulties such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, bereavement, loss, abuse, trauma or eating disorders. You may feel uneasy, stuck, confused, unhappy or despairing. You may have problems from a particular event or be struggling with day-to-day living. You may feel a sense of low self-esteem, a lack of confidence, feel uncertain or frightened about life’s challenges. You may feel a sense of emptiness or a lack of meaning in your life. Perhaps unresolved emotions are manifesting through your body causing physical symptoms such as headaches, back pains or stomach ache.

What is Psychodynamic Counselling?

Psychodynamic Counselling or Psychotherapy helps by getting to the root of your problems. It aims to increase your self-awareness and insight into yourself, by understanding how the past has influenced your perceptions, patterns of behaviour, relationships and how you feel about yourself. 

Unspoken thoughts and feelings can become trapped and lead to distress. Emotions which may have been buried or unresolved may present themselves through either physical symptoms or a variety of different emotions - sometimes as if from nowhere. Sometimes bottled-up feelings try to escape, affecting our mood, health, behaviour, relationships, eating, sleeping or sexuality. By exploring your patterns of relationships and behaviour, an understanding will emerge enabling you to change how you feel about yourself and how you relate to others. Change becomes possible, enabling you to live more fully. 


How can we help? 
Our team of psychotherapists offer a safe, regular, confidential and non-judgemental space, free from the pressures of daily life, in which, in your own time and way, you can talk openly and freely. Together, you will explore your troubles. They can help you make sense of your unique feelings, thoughts and situation by hearing you and understanding your difficulties at a deeper level than would normally occur in every day conversation. Sometimes friends and family do not have time to really listen to you, or may only be able to see things one way. You may feel that they will judge or misunderstand you. Our psychotherapists will support you and help you to reflect on your perspectives, choices and future possibilities, enabling you to find ways to live more meaningfully.

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