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5th May: TALK: The Hidden Cause Of Stress And Illness And What To Do About It

What if the mainstream understanding of dis-ease, stress, illness and physical symptoms is completely flawed?

What if the answer to your dis-ease, stress, illness and use of ‘fixes’ (i.e. cigarettes, alcohol, medication, over-eating, drugs, retail therapy etc.) could be successfully addressed from within your own being with nothing more than words and silence? What if the only thing that creates dis-ease (the opposite of ease) stress and illness is suppressed emotions, and when we release the belief that caused the suppression we can come to peace with them and so return to health, vitality and balance?

Talk on overcoming stress and anxiety in Borehamwood at the Natural Gateway Cliinc

We are excited to be hosting an interactive talk and powerful releasing process that will help you take back control of your life and your health. - COST £5 Martyn Reuben experienced over 20 years of illness and by personally exploring the path from conventional medicine to energy medicine and the role of our awareness in healing and transformation, he formulated a simple approach that produces amazing results and allows people to feel far more healthy, authentic and free. This process normally costs £100 per person but will be offered free (in its entirety) to attendees on the night. Find out how with one simple word-based approach: · Limiting beliefs and judgments can fade away · Perceptions can become more positive · Stress and dis-ease can be alleviated · Your immune system can be strengthened · Reliance on ‘fixes' and coping mechanisms can fade away without even tacking them · Your body can heal naturally from within · You can feel more vital, confident, authentic and free

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