Sajni Shah

Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Consultant and Therapist
Yoga Teacher and Yoga Nidra Teacher & Facilitator
Massage Therapist

I love working with clients, understanding their needs and tailoring my guidance and treatments to their individual needs at any given time. Having explored a range of healing modalities, I am a strong believer in treating the body, mind and spirit together.


My own experiences have shown me the power of Ayurveda, yoga, massage, meditation, diet and lifestyle in promoting well-being and all of these form part of my tool-kit for helping you restore and maintain a state of holistic health and balance. 


I believe the more I learn and study about the body and the mind from both Eastern and Western perspectives, the better informed and equipped I will be to tailor my treatments and any advice I give to my client’s needs and circumstances.


With this in mind, in addition to my various training courses in holistic health and well-being, I have completed a BA Hons in Natural and Social Sciences (Biology and Psychology) and Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology (ITEC level 3).


Massage Therapist

I am trained in a range of massage styles, including the following:


  • Holistic massage

  • Advanced therapeutic and deep tissue massage

  • Ayurvedic yoga massage (level 5)

  • Pregnancy massage

  • Ayurvedic Therapist

I offer a wide range of specialised Ayurvedic massages and treatments, including the following:

  • Classical oil massage (abhyanga)

  • Energy point massage (marma abhyanga)

  • Herbal scrub massage (udvartana)

  • Herbal poultice massage (pinda sweda)

  • Indian head massage (shiro abhyanga)

  • Face-lift massage (mukha abhyanga)

  • Back massage (pristha abhyanga)

  • Abdominal massage (nabhi abhyanga)

  • Hand massage (hasta abhyanga)

  • Foot massage (pada abhyanga)

  • Forehead oil flow treatment (shirodhara)

  • Eye treatment (akshi tarpana)

  • Ear treatment (karana purana)

  • Nasal treatment (nasya)

  • Localised dough well treatments (basti)


After conducting a full or basic Ayurvedic consultation, the treatment will be tailored to your body constitution and well-being needs (in terms of the pressure, speed and type of strokes applied and the temperature and type of oil used).


Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle Consultant

Ayurveda is an ancient system of holistic health which was first recorded in India thousands of years ago. The term Ayurveda means the “science of life”, and it is all about learning to live in harmony with yourself (your own unique body/mind constitution) and your environment. Ayurveda says that a well-balanced body mind and spirit are all key to achieving true happiness. Each person is seen as unique, so that no one diet, lifestyle, meditation, yoga practice, massage or herbal medicine will be suitable for everyone. Instead, each of these must be selected and applied according to the individual in question and where they currently are in their lives.


During an Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle consultation, I will talk to you about your (past and present) physical and emotional health, with questions covering a range of topics including diet, lifestyle, habits, tendencies, personality traits, sleep, digestion and energy levels. I will also observe your tongue, pulse, posture and other factors in order to gain further insight into your general state of health. We will then work together to establish a realistic and effective plan for improving your general well-being, using yoga, meditation, herbal supplements, massage treatments, and adjustments to your diet and lifestyle. All advice is individually tailored with you, your motivations, time pressures and finances in mind.


Yoga Teacher and Yoga Nidra Teacher and Facilitator

I offer private and small group yoga classes, which generally include a combination of breathwork, bodywork and yoga nidra (guided meditation). However, in accordance with the principles of Ayurveda, no two classes are the same – my guidance is always tailored to the needs of the individual or group in question at any given time – the composition, content and pace of my classes will vary according to the time of year, time of day and also general emotional and physical state of the group or individual.



Weekday daytimes, weekday evenings, weekends



Please feel free to contact me on 07734931835 (via text is usually best) or with any questions you may have about the various treatments and services I offer, or simply to book!


Prices and Further Information

For more information about the range of treatments and services I offer, as well as up-to-date prices lists and offers available, please see my website or contact me on the phone number or email address above. Concessions may be available depending on your circumstances.



“I have had a few massages from Sajni and have found them incredibly relaxing and therapeutic. She is also very knowledgeable about Ayurvedic treatments which have been very valuable. Highly recommend!” Shivanthy, Harrow, Middlesex


“Had the most delightful Ayurvedic face, neck and head massage with Sajni. Loved her pressure and flow and felt relaxed enough to drift off to sleep. Look forward to my next treatment. Thank you!” Francesca, Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher, Cuffley, Herts


“With the job I do, I tend to build up a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders and had Sajni to the rescue, with her massage she totally got rid of the pain and stiffness in the area and making me new again! I highly recommend Sajni as the care and attention to my needs was none like any other I had experienced. It’s a breath of fresh air when you meet people who are so conscientious and caring and wanting to give of their best! Thank you Sajni!” Maria, Beautician, Edgware, Middlesex


“I want to highly recommend Sajni as I received an incredible massage from her last week. I work as a personal trainer so I’ve found it crucial to my own well-being to have regular massages to ease all the muscle pain. I’ve tried many massage therapists over the years and I must say I am so happy to have met her as I’ve now found someone who can not only relax me through guided meditation but also release so much pressure in all areas of my body. Her calm nature and incredible knowledge made the whole experience even more enjoyable. I will definitely be back!” Holly, Personal Trainer, St Albans


“I have had both private yoga instruction and incredible massage with Sajni, and I would highly recommend her. She is a nurturer at heart, and this translates to all aspects of her work!” Wendy, Arbonne Consultant, St Albans


“Before the massage, I was in good mood but a little bit tired and with tension in the upper back area. I was very excited about the treatment. The pressure during the massage was absolutely great and I felt relaxed through all the treatment. I was so comfortable that I fell asleep at the end of the massage. Immediately after the massage, I felt very relaxed and fresh and in a good mood. In the days after the treatment, I was still without tension and in a good mood. Overall, I thought the massage was amazing – a very good massage and I would recommend to everyone. I can’t wait for more treatments!” Katarina, Export Administration Executive, Edgware, London


“I have had the best ayurvedic massages from Sajni. Each time her passion for what she is doing comes across in her professionalism, and of course her excellent technique. She has resolved back pain issues for me, and performed stomach massages after the birth of my third child, which together with her advice on ayurvedic herbs to ingest daily, have definitely helped me lose excess weight from the area! Apart from the amazing relaxation I get from her massages (often falling asleep during them- especially the heavenly face and neck massage), the health benefits are long-lasting. I would have one every week and can’t recommend her highly enough.” Bansi, Company Director, London


“Thank you for the excellent massage – it really was amazing and I loved it! I was looking forward to the massage beforehand as I knew it would help relieve the stress I was feeling. I did not realise that I did have areas of physical tension until the massage. I felt very relaxed during the massage and the pressure was perfect. In areas of particular tension which felt slightly painful, the pressure was adjusted to suit me. I felt drowsy at points but I think that just showed how relaxed I was. Immediately after the massage, I felt tired but very happy. I slept really well after my treatment and as I have trouble sleeping this was very welcome. I felt good as a result the next day and am very pleased with the massage I had. Sajni was excellent at making me feel comfortable and explaining what was happening. She also listens to feedback and asks questions about wellbeing and pressure etc. When I mentioned painful areas, she took the time to explain why this might be and made sure that she adjusted the pressure of the massage. I am looking forward to the next massage!” Nisha, University Administrator, Southgate


“Before my massage, I was highly stressed and was quite apprehensive about the massage. After the treatment and in the day/days afterwards, I was happy and relaxed and had no aches. I felt as if I had been away for the whole weekend. Sajni is an excellent massager and I would recommend her to anybody as she makes you feel relaxed and at all times in a jovial mood. I really enjoyed the work done to my head and neck and would like more of this in future treatments.” Nita, Lecturer, Bushey, Herts


“I was feeling quite tired prior to my treatment and I always feel nervous about being exposed. Not having had many massages in the past, I was unsure as to the intensity of the pressure that I preferred/needed. Sajni was responsive to this and asked me through the treatment as to whether the pressure was OK or could be adjusted. She also understood that I feel nervous about being exposed and was very careful to ensure that only the part of my body which was being treated at the time was exposed. I felt comfortable throughout the treatment and felt extremely relaxed immediately after the treatment. I have continued to feel relaxed in the days after the treatment. I really enjoyed the treatment, so much so that I would like to make it a regular activity! Sajni was excellent at making me feel comfortable throughout the treatment and initial consultation. I felt like my body had benefited from the treatment at the end of it also.” Dimple, Doctor, Mill Hill, London


“Before my massage, I was feeling very lethargic, tired and low but the massage you gave me was so good, I can’t find the words to describe it! All I know is that after the wonderful massage I felt so light-headed and relaxed that I fell asleep and you let me sleep for a few minutes before gently waking me. I don’t remember when I felt so good! Thank you Sajni – looking forward to having my next massage with you.” Hansa, Retired Social Worker, Edgware, Middlesex


“I have not had many massages in my life. And was really looking forward to having one again. I felt completely relaxed throughout the massage. Sajni communicated with me constantly regarding my comfort and the pressure applied and I, as a result, I felt very comfortable and secure throughout. The beautiful massage combined with soft background music of my choice was so relaxing that I felt drowsy and think I nodded off several times during the session. It was a very soothing experience and I felt greatly energised after the treatment. I feel that all my joints have been lubricated and I feel extremely good. I thoroughly enjoyed the treatment and would recommend it to anyone, especially those who are feeling a bit lethargic or tired due to the pressure of work or onset of arthritis or even for general well-being.” Meena, Retired Teacher, Burnt Oak, London


 “I am very particular in choosing my massage therapist. Sajni is the best I’ve found. She is very knowledgeable about anatomy and different massage techniques and is constantly updating her skills. She is tuned into her clients and has a healing touch” Priti, Yoga Teacher, Belsize Park, London


“Sajni made me feel comfortable throughout the massage. She checked every once in a while that I was happy with the pressure and asked if I was ticklish before massaging sensitive areas like feet and underarms. The massage was very relaxing, helping calm my nerves before starting a new job. Sajni tailored the massage to my needs, focussing on alleviating tension in my calves and thighs from running. It certainly worked, I felt much better afterwards. Thank you for my wonderful massage!” Nitika, Engineer, Chalk Farm, London


“If I was asked if I knew of a good masseuse, I would say Sajni Shah. She is very good, has a great touch, is professional and makes you feel comfortable! I would definitely recommend you try Sajni first” Sangita, Senior Clinical Trial Manager, Bushey, Herts


“Before my massage with Sajni, I felt tense and in pain. I was excited and hopeful that the massage would relax me. During the massage – wow! I went into a sleep but more like a hypnotic state. I still knew what was happening. I don’t usually relax like that. The pressure was perfect. I usually like it deeper but it felt perfect. I was very comfortable and after the treatment, I felt relaxed and sleepy. In the days after the treatment, I felt less pain and I also slept better than usual. I look forward to some more treatments.” Rocki, Psychologist, Bushey, Hertfordshire

“Thank you for the massage. You did a very good job. In the past, I have had different types of massages – in Thailand, Sri Lanka and even in London but yesterday I found completely different. I felt that you were very engrossed in your massaging. There was no tension left and I had a good night’s sleep. I would love to come back.” Lila, Retired Civil Servant, Edgware, Middlesex


“I felt very safe and relaxed instantly - Sajni was gentle with all her movements and had great communication throughout the session.  The face, scalp, arm and hands were all very relaxing, I must have fallen asleep when she massaged my arms – which is a very good sign.  Overall the massage was very enjoyable.  I will definitely be coming back.” Tresanne, Model and Massage Therapist, East London


“Thank you. Your yoga nidra left me feeling nourished and with a palpable sense of being more tranquil than at the start”. Liz, Bermondsey


“Thank you so much for this cleansing practice which made me feel truly nourished, smiley and energised.” Lucy, Stroud


“Thank you for this practice of yoga nidra that left me feeling so relaxed and sleepy. I felt really happy and totally at ease in your presence” Elly, London

“Your yoga nidra was extremely relaxing. The highlight for me was how safe and secure I felt with you holding space for us” Alison, London


“Oh my goodness I went very deep into your yoga nidra practice. It felt very luxurious. The unique and precious quality of your nidra practice which I most clearly remember was the effortlessness of your delivery”. Natalie, Australia


“Thank you, your yoga nidra was absolutely beautiful. I got the impression that your nidra was very heartfelt and your calm delivery made it a safe space. Much like massage itself is an intimate act, I think nidra is too, and your excellent delivery made me feel secure and listened to. Many thanks and much love” Chloe, North London


“Thank you so much for your yoga nidra. I felt happy and light. The true jewel for me was your beautiful voice”. Jenny, London


“Thank you so much for this beautiful yoga nidra practice which helped me to feel relaxed and soothed. I especially enjoyed the calmness and nurturing tone of your voice and the cool and calm way you brought us into the practice”. Anonymous, London


“Thank you for a very beautiful yoga nidra which left me feeling very relaxed. Your voice was perfectly pitched with pauses at times when it was needed. It was effortless and easy to follow.” Shanine, Whetstone


“Your gorgeous yoga nidra practice left me feeling refreshed and soothed. I especially enjoyed the confidence in your voice and the way you gave permission to smile at the start. I felt a sense of deep nourishment and good health. Thank you so much” Jo, North England


“Thank you for this deeply grounding and stilling practice of yoga nidra today. I was buzzing most of the day and your peaceful tone has sorted that out beautifully. It has recreated that home-coming feeling I was longing for today so thank you” Maryline, London


“Thank you for this vivid, luminous yoga nidra, that left me feeling absolutely inspired, nourished and cleansed. I relished the sound of your voice that was simultaneously soothing and vitalising.” Uma, Stroud


“Dear Sajni, thank you for this wonderfully timeless nidra which left me feeling like I had practiced for hours and hours. The unique quality for me was your beautiful and soothing voice.” Thea, East London


“Thank you for bringing that sense of global reset back to our systems. You had me smiling inside and out – what greater gift is there?” Ben, South London

“Your beautiful nidra left me with a smile on my face. The calm, gentle instructions were enchanting” Cathy, London


“Thank you for this wonderful practice of yoga nidra which left me feeling relaxed and dreamy and joyful. The tone and rhythm of your voice were wonderful” Simona, Romania


“Thank you for this blissful yoga nidra practice which left me feeling peaceful and deeply rested. I especially enjoyed the beautiful, rhythmic and natural sound of your voice. The whole piece had a lovely, authentic tone. Thank you” Ruth, London


“Thank you for that calm and confident nidra which left me feeling rested and peaceful. I especially enjoyed how it led me into a deep trance and place of rest. You managed to weave in lightness and a bit of humour without taking away any reverence for the practice. I loved it. You held space and induced joy. Thank you – it was wonderful!” Lauren, Hammersmith


“Thank you for this wonderful nidra practice which left me feeling at home, safe, joyful and opened to the unknown. I love your clear voice and the space in between.” Fabienne, London

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