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Reiki is a very gentle yet very powerful method of healing. Reiki is uplifting, positive and its effect can be profound. Reiki can very effectively be used to treat a wide range of physical and emotional ailments and diseases through channeled healing energy.


Life force energy flows through all living things; it nourishes the cells and organs of the body. When the energy flow is disrupted or blocked, illness occurs. Reiki is a completely safe and natural health care method, which treats mind, body and spirit. Anyone can benefit from Reiki, whether they have a particular complaint or just need to relieve the stresses of everyday life. The treatment sessions last about an hour and involve deep relaxation in either a sitting or lying-down position. The Reiki practitioner then channels life energy through their hands which enables the Reiki to clear, straighten and heal the energy pathways, allowing life force to flow in a natural and healing way.

Reiki energy has four main effects; it stimulates deep relaxation; it dissolves energy blockages; it detoxifies the body and it supplies healing life force energy.