KiDoBe is a new way of healing through movement and energy.  It is an effective way to find peace and slow down in this fast and pressured world.


KiDoBe is designed for people of all ages and abilities, as the movement sequences are arranged to be done with ease and comfort.   


This method will help with easing muscular tensions, freeing blocked pathways of the nervous system, breathing and re-establishing a healthy energy flow.


KiDoBe Healing Method by Petra Margolis

If practised regularly and on a long term basis, KiDoBe will increase your flexibility, improve your posture and generally result in you to feeling younger and more able to do!


Functional Integration (one to one lessons)

An individual lesson will help you to relax whilst lying comfortably on a low table. 

You can wear your normal, but comfortable clothes (without shoes).   Your instructor will use his/her hands to guide your awareness to how you are organized and suggest by gentle touch a new and more efficient way of movement, by putting some pressure onto the pathways of your joints in the skeleton. This could be working on any part of your body, from your head, neck and shoulders to working with your feet and legs.


By becoming aware of your patterns and by experiencing new ways and possibilities of using your skeletal functions, your muscular system will naturally relax and you will experience an easement of tensions, freedom of breathing and improvement of posture.


One lesson can usually have a great effect on your posture and wellbeing. Regularity of KiDoBe (Functional Integration) lessons will naturally be able to provide you with more long term beneficial effects.


Petra Margolis offers both one to one KiDoBe sessions and classes.