Joseph Schneck BSc (Hons.) MSc RHAD

Hearing in Challenging Environments

The most common difficulty for people with hearing loss report is hearing in challenging environments. Background noise, group listening scenarios or perhaps listening to the television or following a telephone conversation all present unique challenges.  


Matching expertise with the right technology, can often help YOU achieve the right result and Joseph Schneck will strive to give you the very best care at highly competitive rates, with no compromises.



Joseph Schneck BSc (Hons.) MSc RHAD Audiologist

Joseph Schneck is able to evaluate, diagnose, treat, and manage hearing loss and balance disorders in adults and children. 

He offers the following treatments and services:


  • Micro-suction ear wax removal

  • Hearing assessments

  • Hearing aid fittings

  • Custom-made ear plugs