Energy Coaching


Wellness Coaching is a holistic approach to exploring how personal wellness interacts with our values, goals and motivations.  Wellness encompasses physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and the ability to sustain it.  It includes body weight, fitness, diet and nutrition, lifestyle, stress, anxiety, self-image, physical and emotional health, habits, motivations, and values and beliefs.


Wellness Coaching can help you understand the unconscious daily choices, which contribute to your overall physical and emotional wellness, train you to make choices that are more in-line with your goals, support and guide you through your transition to a healthier, calmer, more balanced individual, and help you to achieve your full potential.  Wellness Coaching puts you in control of your mind, body and soul.

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Wellness coaching may also include:


  • Herbalism and Natural Healthcare Support

  • Plant-based Nutrition


For example, natural healthcare can prevent, treat and relieve a wide range of conditions.  Whether your concerns relate to physical, emotional or spiritual difficulties and blockages, natural healthcare aims to give your body what it needs to heal itself.  Natural healthcare can also be used in conjunction with modern medicine to help support your immune system.


Natural healthcare includes:


  • Herbalism, which is the ancient tradition of studying and using herbs for their medicinal and healing properties;


  • Aromatherapy, which is the practice and use of natural oils extracted from parts of a plant to enhance physical and emotional wellbeing, and to stimulate brain function; and


  • Natural Skin Care, which uses topical creams and lotions made of ingredients available in nature, such as herbs, roots, flowers and essential oils.


In relation to nutrition, reducing the level of refined and processed sugars and foods in your diet alone, can help you to transform your life.


Whether embarking on an ‘all or nothing’ change, or simply replacing some bad eating habits with some good eating habits, it is essential that you maintain a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals, support your immune system, and look after your gut health with sensible food pairing choices.


Increasing the level plant-based foods in your diet has many health benefits, including:


  • Increased energy, concentration and brain function

  • Healthy skin, hair and nails

  • Weight loss

  • Balanced blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels


A plant-based diet is also believed to be a weapon against chronic conditions including arthritis, allergies, asthma, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and some forms of cancer.